Pakarang Surfshop goes to Bali


After a great season the staff from Memories Beach Bar and Pakarang Surfshop decided to treat themselves with a week holiday in Bali. Everyone had an awesome time, we met some great friends and caught some sweet waves. For more images press here!

Our first stop was in Canggu and after looking around for accommodation we found Surfers Paradise,  , just 200 metres from one of the surf breaks. Extremely nice bungalows, a bit over our budget but it was worth it as everyone, including the non-surfers was happy with staying here.

First afternoon conditions was rainy, a bit blown out , not many people in the water and it was a good warm up for us with swell being around 5-6 ft.

The following morning we woke up as the sun was rising and went down to the beach to check the surf.. 8 Feet plus and lots of people ! By far the biggest waves we ever surfed and most of us got to practise duck diving and breath holding most of the day.

After this we found our perfect wave. In a small village called Medewi there’s a point break with a long left hander. Swell size around 6 ft, sometimes bigger, peeling slowly from the outside then picking up speed and occasionally barreling on the inside. We spent 3 days at Medewi Surf Home Stay , with Ugis and his wife and we couldn’t wish for more as surfing and accommodation goes. Cheap bungalows, amazing food and 1 minute bike ride down to the waves !

Locals were very friendly and we found a very good friend in our surf guide, Mano , from Rock Surf Shop, hopefully we see him in Memories Bar next high season as a special surf instructor !

Next year we’re planning a little bit longer holiday, spending more time with Mano both in Medewi and maybe a safari trip to Java !

After this the gang went to Ubud for some shopping and you’ll find the art work in Memories Bungalows as Ching went on a proper shopping spree !